Rescue Chocolate

Rescue Chocolate

Rescue Chocolate is the most delicious method to save a life! All revenues are donated to animal rescue organizations. Organic, fairly traded, vegan, B Corp certified, handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY

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Rescue Chocolate, founded by Sarah Gross Feoli in 2010, is a unique confectionery brand based in Brooklyn, New York, specializing in vegan and organic chocolates. The brand is not just about indulging in delicious treats; it's also a platform for animal advocacy. Each purchase of their handcrafted chocolates, perfect for holiday gifts or any occasion, directly supports animal rescue organizations. Rescue Chocolate proudly states that their products are made in New York, ensuring high-quality local craftsmanship.

Rescue Chocolate

Sustainability Report

Sustainability and ethical responsibility are deeply ingrained in Rescue Chocolate's operations. The brand is committed to animal welfare, as evidenced by their policy of donating 100% of net profits to various animal rescue groups, a detail that can be explored through the 'Who We Help' link on their website. Furthermore, their chocolates are 100% vegan, aligning with their mission to cause no harm to animals. They adhere to the finest Belgian chocolate-making traditions, using top-quality ingredients without artificial preservatives, and their products are certified Kosher Parve. This approach not only ensures a delicious product but also upholds the brand's dedication to ethical and sustainable practices.

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Give Back
Give Back

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  • Chocolates
  • Coffee and Tea Pairings
  • Paleo Vegan

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Rescue Chocolate

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