Organic Latex Certification (GOLS)

Certification for organic latex products, ensuring they meet strict standards for sustainability and purity.

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Organic Latex Certification (GOLS)






The Organic Latex Certification (GOLS) is a standard that validates the organic content and safety measures in latex products. It is particularly relevant for industries dealing with natural rubber latex products, such as mattresses and pillows. The certification focuses on human health, chemical safety, welfare, and environmental considerations. Rigorous inspections and audits cover the entire supply chain, from organic rubber plantations to manufacturing and distribution.

Key Features

  • Products must contain at least 95% organic latex.
  • Strict limitations on chemicals used in production, including bans on substances like PVC, nickel, and formaldehyde.
  • Processing units are required to monitor energy consumption and waste levels.


The certification process involves rigorous inspections and regular audits, including at least one on-site audit annually for each processing facility. Assessments include a range of tests, such as purity, quality, and hazardous chemicals, conducted by ISO 17025 accredited laboratories. Surveillance audits are also conducted between recertification audits to ensure ongoing compliance.

Duration and Renewal

Certificates typically have a validity period that can vary, often being 3 years. Some programs have a shorter validity of 1 year, some have a longer validity. Recertification audits are required when the certificate expires.

Impact and Significance

GOLS certification assures consumers and businesses alike of the high organic content and safety of latex products. It also ensures that the manufacturing process is environmentally responsible and worker-friendly. The certification's stringent requirements make it a reliable indicator for those seeking products that prioritize both human health and environmental sustainability.