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Navigating the World of Sustainable Certifications

Navigating the intricate landscape of over 400 environmental certifications can be overwhelming. At Green Hive, we simplify this complexity by rigorously analyzing the credibility of various sustainability standards and certifications. Our insights empower you to understand what's truly behind each label, enabling you to make informed decisions on your journey toward sustainability.

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Understanding Our Rating System for
Sustainable Certifications

Welcome to our guide on how we rate certifications! In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, it's crucial to know which certifications you can trust. But how do you sift through the jargon and complex criteria? That's where our rating system comes in. We've developed a straightforward methodology to evaluate the credibility and impact of various certifications, making it easier for you to make informed choices. Our approach is rooted in a commitment to transparency, as we are not affiliated with any certification organizations. This ensures our system remains free from biased opinions.

Certification Score: Ok

These certifications serve as an initial step toward sustainability for companies, encouraging better practices and a commitment to eco-friendly operations. While not sufficient on their own to label a brand as fully sustainable, they are indicators to consider alongside other sustainability markers like transparency and company size. For small businesses, these certifications can be a valuable launchpad for their sustainability efforts. However, larger corporations holding these certifications may warrant skepticism, as they could be using them to project an eco-friendly image without fully committing to robust sustainable practices.

Certification Score: Good

Obtaining these certifications indicates a brand's dedication to sustainability and offers more credibility than unsupported claims. However, they alone don't make a brand fully sustainable; additional factors like transparency should also be considered. Concerns may arise about the issuing organization's credibility, such as involvement in controversies, inadequate audits, or the use of external agencies that could introduce conflicts of interest. These issues could affect the certification's overall reliability.

Certification Score: Great

These prestigious certifications are hard-earned badges of a brand's long-term commitment to sustainability, providing strong validation for their eco-friendly claims. Issued by highly credible organizations, they assure impartiality and integrity in the certification process. Brands with these certifications have not only reduced negative environmental and social impacts but have also made significant strides in creating positive outcomes. They serve as a reliable indicator for consumers looking for genuinely sustainable options.

Certification Score: Exceptional

These certifications are the gold standard in sustainability, covering a broad range of environmental, economic, and social impacts across a brand's entire value chain. They go beyond basic requirements, reflecting a brand's commitment to making significant positive contributions to communities. Rigorous assessments scrutinize every aspect of a brand's operations, making attainment a remarkable feat and a true testament to sustainability. Notably, only the B Corp certification has met these stringent criteria in our analysis, setting an industry benchmark and highlighting the brand's exceptional commitment to comprehensive sustainability.

The Basics

How We Evaluate Certifications

Our rating system is designed to be accessible yet comprehensive, breaking down each certification into six key factors. Each factor contributes to the certification's overall score, and here's a more balanced look at each



We gauge how hard it is for a company to earn the certification. A stringent process usually indicates reliability. For example, if multiple audits and strict environmental standards are required, that's a sign of a robust certification.


Core Impact

This is about the real-world benefits of the certification in its primary area, such as environmental conservation or labor rights. We evaluate whether the certification leads to tangible improvements, like reduced carbon emissions or fair wages for workers.


Ongoing Improvement

We check if the certification encourages companies to continually better their practices. This could involve regular audits, periodic updates to the certification criteria, or resources that help companies improve over time.



This factor assesses the issuing organization's trustworthiness. We consider their history, reputation, and use of third-party verifications. A credible organization will have a transparent process, a strong track record, and no history of controversies.


Holistic Impact

Beyond the main focus, we look at the certification's broader positive influence. For example, a certification aimed at animal welfare might also have guidelines that benefit the environment, thereby making its impact more holistic.


Supply Chain Evaluation

This factor examines the certification's scrutiny of a company's entire supply chain. A comprehensive certification will consider everything from raw material sourcing to manufacturing and even the product's end-of-life disposal.

Your Sustainability Compass

Making Sense of the Scores

Once we've evaluated a certification based on these six factors, we use a specialized formula to calculate a final score. This score falls into one of four categories, making it easy for you to gauge the certification's overall credibility and impact. Additionally, each brand in our directory has been assigned these sustainable certifications, contributing to the brand's own sustainability score. The higher the certification score, the more robust and reliable both the certification and the brand are.

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Empower Your Choices

Why This Matters to You

Our goal is to demystify sustainability for everyone. Whether you're a consumer seeking ethical options or a business looking to enhance your sustainability practices, our rating system offers a transparent, easy-to-understand guide. Each brand listed in our directory has been evaluated based on their sustainable certifications, which in turn gives the brand its own sustainability score. This allows you to make informed choices in a landscape often filled with confusing or misleading information.

Green Hive's Certifications directory

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