A globally recognized organic certification ensuring products are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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EcoCert is a certification that recognizes and validates organic and sustainable practices in various industries. It is an important certification for businesses that prioritize environmental sustainability and social responsibility.


Established in France in 1991, EcoCert was one of the first certification bodies to focus on organic farming. Since then, it has expanded its scope to include other industries such as cosmetics, textiles, and household products. In 2002, EcoCert became the first certification body to be accredited by the French Ministry of Agriculture.

Purpose and Scope

EcoCert certifies products and services that meet strict environmental and social standards. It ensures that the products are produced using sustainable methods that minimize harm to the environment and protect the health and safety of workers. EcoCert is relevant in industries such as agriculture, cosmetics, textiles, and household products.

Certification Process

The certification process involves several steps, including an application, inspection, and certification decision. Before beginning the certification process, businesses must meet certain prerequisites such as complying with local regulations and having a documented management system. The duration of the certification process varies depending on the industry and the complexity of the product or service.


EcoCert certification is valid for one year, after which it must be renewed. The renewal process involves a review of the business's practices and an inspection to ensure that they continue to meet the certification standards. The requirements for renewal are similar to those for initial certification.

Impact and Significance

Obtaining EcoCert certification can have several benefits for businesses, including increased consumer trust, access to new markets, and improved environmental and social performance. For consumers, EcoCert certification provides assurance that the products they are purchasing are produced using sustainable methods and are safe for the environment and for human health. Overall, EcoCert certification plays an important role in promoting sustainable practices and protecting the environment.

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