A globally recognized organic certification ensuring products are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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Ecocert is a certification body focusing on sectors like Agri-food, Cosmetics, Textiles, Forestry, and Homecare products, ensuring adherence to environmental and sustainability standards. It collaborates with other certifying agencies and services, notably in the certification of COSMOS organic and natural beauty labels. This certification is relevant to industries looking to validate the sustainability and environmental friendliness of their products, with a high emphasis on evaluating the entire supply chain from raw material to the finished product.

Key Features

  • Ecocert does not directly certify organic products. Instead, it operates as a collaborative entity, partnering with various certification agencies and services to facilitate the certification of organic goods.

  • For makeup products certified by Ecocert, the COSMOS logo typically appears alongside the name of the certifying body. However, it is possible that other products certified by Ecocert may not display its name whatsoever.

  • The certification of COSMOS organic and natural beauty labels emphasize environmentally friendly production, biodiversity, and responsible use of resources.


To acquire Ecocert certification, organizations undergo at least one annual on-site inspection and additional unannounced audits, with samples possibly taken for laboratory analysis. However, the certification process has faced criticism for lack of transparency in its evaluation criteria and past affiliations with cases of fake organic products, raising questions about its credibility.

Duration and Renewal

The EcoCert certification holds validity for one year, post which, renewal is mandatory. The process of renewal encompasses an evaluation of the business's methodologies and a scrutiny to confirm adherence to the certification norms.

Impact and Significance

Ecocert COSMOS certification signifies a commitment to environmental friendliness, biodiversity, and sustainability, with stringent criteria for product composition and waste management. However, its impact is somewhat marred by its association with cases of fake organic products. Nonetheless, it provides a framework for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable and responsible practices, especially in the use of natural and renewable resources.