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Welcome to Green Hive, an innovative platform committed to promoting sustainable practices and green solutions. At the heart of our mission is the belief that collaboration and shared knowledge are key to creating impactful change. Our Experts and Contributors Program is a fundamental part of this vision.

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Our Story

Who are we?

We are Green Hive, an ensemble of young, dynamic individuals united by a passion for fostering positive change. Fueled by our shared talent and commitment, our goal is to globally champion a lifestyle that values sustainability and eco-consciousness. We are not just a platform; we are a community, a collective driving towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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Our mission

What is Our Mission?

Our mission is threefold. Firstly, we aim to create an accessible, interactive platform that unites people with a passion for sustainability. Secondly, we strive to educate our audience on the importance and practice of sustainable living, utilizing the collective expertise of our contributors. Lastly, we hope to drive impactful action towards a greener planet, encouraging each individual in our community to play their part.

Impactful Actions

How Do We Make a Real Difference?


Promoting Sustainable Companies

Green Hive is partnered with 220+ purpose-driven, sustainable companies. We connect these organizations with our community, promoting their offerings.


Empowering Informed Decisions

Our platform presents insights from sustainability experts alongside ethical companies. This empowers individuals to make decisions aligning consumer habits with environmental values.


Inspiring Actions

Green Hive goes beyond information sharing - we inspire tangible actions towards sustainability. Join us, and be part of this transformative movement for our planet's future.

The Brands we Promote

Brands Driving the Charge for Sustainability

The tally of brands that proudly hold distinguished sustainability certifications continues to grow, highlighting their commitment to eco-conscious practices and ethical standards. In our directory you will find:

(+80) B Corps
(+15) Climate Neutral
(+30) OEKO-TEX
(+35) GOTS
(+20) Fair Trade
(+20) 1% for the Planet
Discover Sustainable Brands in our Directory

"As a Green Hive contributor, I've had the opportunity to share my insights with a global audience genuinely passionate about sustainability. It's rewarding to be part of a community that values knowledge sharing and promotes impactful, sustainable choices."

Andy Smith
Sustainability Specialist
the benefits

Why Become a Contributor?

Your work with Green Hive provides an enriching opportunity to share your knowledge and influence in the sustainability sector. Become a part of our mission - inspire, educate, and make a difference.

Reach an Audience

Joining Green Hive allows you to leverage our platform to reach a wider audience. And get featured in our Experts' Page. (Coming Soon).

Personal Brand

Regular contributions to Green Hive provide an excellent opportunity to establish and enhance your personal brand.

Foster Positive Change

Your contribution can drive meaningful conversations and actions, fostering a more sustainable future.

Enhance Your Portfolio

Your published pieces on our platform can showcase your knowledge and commitment to sustainability, building credibility and authority in the field.

Experts & Contributors Page

Get Featured in our Dedicated Page

Joining our contributors' page not only showcases your articles, but also allows you to create a personalized profile. Here, you can link to your website and social media profiles, pen a short biography, and add any other references you'd like. It's a space for you to connect with our audience and grow your personal brand within the sustainability sector.

Green hive's team working on sustainability project
Person working on a sustainable project
Your Profile & Author box on Articles

Build your Personal Brand Presence

Joining as a Green Hive contributor not only bolsters your personal brand presence but also offers tangible benefits. With a custom author box at the end of each article you pen, readers can easily learn more about you and your work. Moreover, this author box provides a direct link to your website or social media profiles, allowing our audience to connect with you beyond our platform. This enriches your visibility and expands your potential network within the sustainability sphere.

How the program Works

How to get into the Green Hive's Experts and Contributors Program



Get in touch with us through the contact form you find below. Share your interest in becoming a contributor, providing a brief introduction about yourself, your experience, and areas of expertise.



Prepare a short proposal that outlines your areas of expertise and potential topics or themes you would like to explore in your articles. This will help us understand the kind of content you plan to contribute and how it aligns with our platform's focus.



Our editorial team will carefully review your proposal. This involves assessing your proposed topics and how they align with our content strategy and audience interests. We will get back to you with constructive feedback or approval to move to the next stage.



Upon approval, you're ready to start writing. Follow the Green Hive editorial guidelines while creating your content. Once your piece is ready, submit it to our team for review and publication. Remember, we value original, well-researched content that aligns with our mission of promoting sustainable living.

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