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We leverage cutting-edge strategies and a passion for eco-conscious living to connect your products with a global audience of ethical consumers. Join us in our mission to make sustainability the norm, not the exception, and watch your brand flourish in a community dedicated to positive change.

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Revolutionizing Sustainable Shopping

Green Hive is more than just a directory โ€“ it's a dynamic hub for sustainable living. Our platform brings together eco-conscious consumers and innovative brands, creating a unique space where every purchase is a step towards a greener planet.

Showcase Your Sustainable Brand in Our Prestigious Directory

Position your brand at the forefront of the sustainability movement with a profile in our exclusive directory. Gain visibility among a dedicated community of eco-conscious consumers, enhancing your brand's reputation and reach in the growing market of sustainable products.

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Brand Visibility

Gain spotlight among eco-conscious consumers by listing in Green Hive's directory, elevating your brand in the sustainable market

Credibility & Trust

Credibility and Trust

Enhance your brand's reputation with a listing that underscores your dedication to sustainability, building trust with your audience and showcasing your certifications

Target Audience

Targeted Audience Reach

Connect with a dedicated audience actively seeking sustainable options, improve your brand's relevance and impact.

Quality Backlinks

Improve your online presence with targeted backlinks to your brand and product pages, boosting your SEO and online visibility.

Deep-Dive Brand Review & Analysis

Experience a new level of brand recognition with Green Hive's Full Brand Review. Our in-depth analysis focuses on your brand's sustainability efforts, offering insightful feedback and highlighting your unique strengths. This isn't just a review; it's a powerful tool for growth and visibility.

Revenue Boost: Directly increase sales through our influential reviews.
SEO Excellence: Enhance Google rankings with our optimized content, from 1'500 up to 4'000 words.
Sustainability Highlight: Your eco-efforts front and center in our review.
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Affordable Pricing Plans

With flexibility and cost-effectiveness at the forefront, our plans ensure that impactful sustainability marketing is accessible to all.


/one time

Create your profile, showcase your products, and get discovered by eco-conscious consumers!

Your Brand Profile
Up to 6 Products
Showcase your Certifications
Brand Description
Sustainability Report
Permanent Placement


/one time

Create your profile, showcase your products, and get discovered by eco-conscious consumers!

Your Brand Profile
Up to 6 Products
Showcase your Certifications
Brand Description
Sustainability Report
Permanent Placement
Additional Services on Request

Maximize Your Brand's Reach with Our Impact-Driven Services!

Communicate Your Sustainability

Pricing on Request

Green Hive specializes in enhancing your brand's sustainability communication through expert consulting. Our team conducts in-depth reviews of your practices and website messaging, focusing on authenticity and avoiding greenwashing. We provide tailored recommendations and strategic communication approaches, ensuring your sustainability efforts are clearly and effectively conveyed, thus improving your brand's credibility and aligning it with a positive, customer-friendly green message.

Listicle Spotlight

Pricing: $119 (Affiliated Only)

Green Hive's "Feature in a Listicle Article" service provides sustainable brands a chance to be highlighted in a curated listicle, like the best eco-friendly products. This service includes a thorough brand evaluation, creation of themed lists, and a customized brand description emphasizing each brand's unique sustainability efforts. Additionally, the service offers SEO optimization for greater online visibility and cross-promotion on Green Hive's platforms, ensuring a wider reach within the eco-conscious community. Brands must meet specific sustainability criteria and be affiliated with Green Hive to be eligible.

Sponsored Placements

Pricing on Request

Green Hive's Sponsored Placements service offers premium exposure for sustainable brands with a high sustainability score and affiliation with Green Hive. This includes a featured space on Green Hiveโ€™s homepage for maximum visibility and strategic sidebars within select articles for targeted exposure. The service is designed to enhance your product's reach to our eco-conscious audience and includes comprehensive analytics for performance assessment.

Influencer-Tailored TikTok Promotion (Pilot Program)

Pricing on Request

Green Hive's Influencer-Tailored TikTok Promotion is a pilot program, offering a unique opportunity for a limited number of brands to expand their reach through TikTok influencers. This selective service includes forming partnerships with influencers for authentic TikTok content, cross-platform promotion, and featuring videos on your brand's Green Hive page. It's an exclusive chance to engage with a wide audience, leveraging the power of influencer marketing to amplify your brand's sustainable message.

Case Study - SURI Electric Toothbrush

SURI: Transforming Eco-friendly Oral Care through Strategic Partnership

Our success stories underscore the transformative power of SEO in our campaigns, consistently driving remarkable results and elevating brand visibility.

Additional Revenues Generated

Our review significantly boosted SURI's revenue, proving the value of our SEO approach.

Conversion Rate

Our content's high conversion rate demonstrates its ability to effectively turn interest into sales.

Products Sold

Our influential review led to impressive sales of over 600 units.

Article Views

The article's significant view count and high SERP ranking for related queries showcase its extensive reach.

Our process

Get started as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

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Initial Application

Start by filling out the initial form on this page. We will then send you a more detailed form to gather comprehensive information about your company and its sustainability practices.

Eligibility Verification

Our team will assess your application against our sustainability criteria for directory inclusion. For insight into our evaluation criteria, visit 'How We Rate' on our website.

Confirmation and Payment

Once approved, we'll confirm and proceed with payment, initiating the content creation process for your brand

Content Review and Publication

We'll share the created content with you for review. Upon your approval, we'll publish it to showcase your brand.

Contact us

Ready to get started?

We love working with sustainability-minded brands that align with our audienceโ€™s interests and values. Please fill the form if youโ€™d like to be part of Green Hive as a conscious brand, PR Agency, organisation, or publication to discuss partnership opportunities.

Marketing Packages

Additional Services

Listing in Green Hive's directory and other service access require brands to fulfill defined sustainability standards, ensuring alignment with our eco-conscious ethos. For more information, visit How We Rate.

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