Vegetarian Society

A globally recognized accreditation that ensures food products are free from animal ingredients and not tested on animals.

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Vegetarian Society






The Vegetarian Society Approved trademarks are symbols found on a myriad of products, not limited to just food items but also drinks, cosmetics, household products, and more. These trademarks, one for vegetarian and another for vegan products, signify that the product has met specific criteria set by the Vegetarian Society. These criteria ensure that the products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients and have measures in place to prevent cross-contamination during production.

Key Features

  • Two distinct trademarks: one for vegetarian and another for vegan products.
  • Strict measures to prevent cross-contamination during production.
  • GMO-free products with no animal testing involved.


For a product to earn the certification, it undergoes a review of its ingredients and production methods. However, the absence of clear details about this review and the renewal frequency introduces ambiguity, making it seem less transparent than other certifications.

Duration and Renewal

The duration of the certification and its renewal process are not explicitly mentioned, leaving some ambiguity regarding the longevity of the certification.

Impact and Significance

Obtaining the Vegetarian Society Approved trademark assures consumers that a product meets vegetarian or vegan standards. While the certification guarantees that products lack animal-derived ingredients, are GMO-free, and haven't been tested on animals, the specifics of the review process and renewal intervals are not transparently detailed. This could lead to some ambiguity compared to other certifications. Nonetheless, the Vegetarian Society provides advice and support to companies, promoting collaboration and innovative product development.