Nest’s Ethical Handcraft Program

Certification for ethically handcrafted products by Nest, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions for artisans.

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Nest’s Ethical Handcraft Program






Nest’s Ethical Handcraft Program aims to transform the fashion and home decor sectors by making home-based craftwork both safe and viable. Brands and retailers can license the Nest Seal of Ethical Handcraft either by matching with a compliant supplier or by implementing the program within their existing artisan supply chains. The program ensures that all layers of the supply chain, from the business to the subcontractors and even the individual handworker, adhere to Nest's standards.

Key Features

  • Developed after comprehensive reviews of over 100 factory auditing standards and is tailored for home or small workshop-based production.

  • Requires compliance with five core principles: worker rights and business transparency, child advocacy and protection, fair compensation and benefits, health and safety, and environmental care.

  • Empowers handworker businesses to develop processes that are most likely to be adopted while still meeting Nest's standards.


Nest’s program is built on a foundation of high credibility, having been recognized by the United Nations as a meaningful metric for evaluating home-based craft production. The program involves a pre-assessment educational phase that includes a full year of training and capacity building, particularly beneficial for artisan businesses unfamiliar with traditional social-compliance principles.

Duration and Renewal

The program does not specify a fixed duration for the certification but emphasizes ongoing compliance and continuous improvement. The responsibility for ensuring ongoing practice rests on intermediaries, making sure that the entire supply chain remains compliant.

Impact and Significance

The Ethical Handcraft Program has a high impact on both the handworker businesses and the end consumer. It not only ensures that products are made under ethical and safe conditions but also educates artisans on their rights and well-being. The program offers a suite of tools to empower brand and corporate partners, providing them with the resources they need to navigate new production models outside of traditional factories.