Eco Packaging Alliance

A global initiative promoting environmentally friendly packaging. It signifies commitment to reducing environmental impact.

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Eco Packaging Alliance






The Eco-Alliance represents a community of businesses dedicated to sustainable packaging, emphasizing collective improvement. This initiative aims to mitigate the environmental effects of packaging choices.

Key Features

  • Whenever a company places an order with Noissue, it has the option to select the location for tree planting through their partner, One Tree Planted, a non-profit dedicated to global reforestation efforts.

  • The noissue Eco-Alliance badge signifies a company's dedication to adopting a more responsible approach through the use of noissue's Compostable, Recycled, or Reusable packaging.


In collaboration with One Tree Planted, the Eco Packaging Alliance

badge ensures that for every order placed through noissue, a tree is planted, aiding global reforestation and carbon offsetting.

Duration and Renewal

The specifics regarding the duration of the badge and renewal processes are not explicitly mentioned.

Impact and Significance

Membership in the Eco-Alliance offers businesses a tangible way to demonstrate their environmental commitment to their customers. By using noissue's sustainable packaging options, they showcase dedication to a more responsible path. Additionally, by planting trees for every order, they actively contribute to global reforestation efforts, offsetting the environmental impact of shipping.