Leaping Bunny

A globally recognized certification ensuring cruelty-free practices in the production of cosmetics and household products.

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Leaping Bunny






The Leaping Bunny certification is a standard for personal care and household products that are free from animal testing. It applies to companies based in the U.S. and Canada. The certification is granted at the brand or company level to ensure a supply chain that is entirely free from animal testing. A company's ingredient suppliers and/or manufacturers must make the same pledge.

Key Features

  • Ensures that neither the company nor its suppliers engage in animal testing after a fixed cut-off date
  • Requires companies to either maintain declarations from all suppliers or insert specific language into purchase orders affirming compliance
  • Focuses solely on animal testing, not serving as a vegan certifier


Companies must undergo a rigorous process to obtain certification, including providing declarations from suppliers or modifying purchase orders. They must also be open to independent audits, which are conducted to verify that the company's supply chain is free from animal testing. The audits are more frequent for companies with higher annual sales, ensuring a high level of trustworthiness.

Duration and Renewal

Certification requires annual recommitment to ensure ongoing compliance. Companies must also include an addendum in contracts with distributors in foreign markets to ensure that the no-animal-testing policy is upheld internationally.

Impact and Significance

The certification provides consumers with a reliable way to choose products that are free from animal testing, thereby promoting ethical consumerism. However, it's worth noting that the certification does not cover other ethical considerations like whether the product is vegan. The fixed cut-off date also encourages companies to continuously seek ingredients that have not been recently tested on animals.