EPA's Safer Choice

A recognition program that certifies environmentally friendly products, promoting safer ingredients and sustainable practices.

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EPA's Safer Choice






The EPA's Safer Choice certification helps consumers and businesses identify products with safer ingredients for human health and the environment, focusing mainly on cleaning, household, and personal care products. This certification is relevant to manufacturers and suppliers aiming to offer products that are environmentally friendly and safe. The certification focuses on the ingredients and packaging of the product offered for certification, ensuring they meet specific sustainability criteria.

Key Features

  • Reviews product ingredients, performance, pH, and packaging.
  • Requires full disclosure of all ingredients to Safer Choice and a qualified third-party profiler.
  • Restricts VOC content to minimize indoor air pollution and respiratory concerns.
  • Promotes the use of renewable energy and materials in packaging processes.
  • Specific scent ingredients may be listed simply as "Fragrance" on the label.


To acquire this certification, applicants must undergo a rigorous review process, including full disclosure of ingredients and compliance with the Safer Choice Standard. The third-party profiler compiles all available hazard information on each chemical. After the product assessment, Safer Choice communicates the reviewโ€™s outcome and any recommendations for improvement to the applicant. EPA conducts annual audits to ensure continued compliance with the standards, and regular partner audits are conducted to ensure that partnership products are in compliance with the Safer Choice Standard.

Duration and Renewal

The certification involves a three-year partnership period, during which Safer Choice conducts onsite audits, a desk audit, and a renewal audit as part of the renewal process. Partners are required to re-submit complete product formulation information, as well as information on packaging, labels, and performance during the renewal process.

Impact and Significance

Obtaining the Safer Choice certification signifies a commitment to environmental protection and human health. It addresses a broad range of potential toxicological effects and restricts the content of harmful substances to minimize indoor air pollution and associated respiratory concerns. The certification encourages the incorporation of safer chemical alternatives and sustainable packaging measures, contributing to the overall safety and sustainability of products available to consumers.