BBB Accredited Business

A seal of trust indicating the business meets high standards of honesty and transparency. Essential for credibility.

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BBB Accredited Business






The Better Business Bureau (BBB) helps consumers pinpoint trustworthy businesses and charities. The BBB Seal represents businesses committed to honesty and integrity. Being accredited by the BBB means the business consistently meets the bureau's standards, including addressing consumer complaints in good faith. This certification is relevant for businesses across various sectors aiming to establish trustworthiness in the marketplace.

Key Features

  • Businesses are graded from A+ (highest) to F (lowest) based on factors like complaint history, transparency in business practices, and adherence to ethical standards.
  • The certification process is comprehensive, requiring businesses to undergo a review of their history, reputation, and compliance with BBB's trust standards.
  • Businesses must maintain a minimum B rating across all their locations.


Businesses seeking BBB accreditation undergo a thorough evaluation process. The BBB rating, influenced by public complaints, is based on data obtained directly from businesses and public sources. The BBB Rating System evaluates marketplace behavior, including response to consumer complaints, transparency, and truthful advertising. Accredited businesses are monitored for ongoing adherence to BBB's Standards for Trust. However, it's worth noting that in 2015, some businesses received favorable ratings despite being under regulatory scrutiny.

Duration and Renewal

BBB accreditation is an ongoing commitment, with businesses required to renew their accreditation annually, ensuring they continue to meet the bureau's standards.

Impact and Significance

BBB accreditation signifies a business's commitment to uphold marketplace trust. Accredited businesses pledge to maintain a positive reputation, advertise honestly, address complaints promptly, and handle customer data securely. The BBB rating system offers consumers insights into a business's trustworthiness, helping them make informed decisions. While the BBB handles complaints related to marketplace activities, it's essential for businesses to focus on reducing complaints and maintaining a positive reputation. The BBB also offers tools and resources to support businesses in achieving marketplace success.