Vegan Action (Vegan Awareness Foundation)

A certification that verifies products are free from animal products and testing, promoting ethical consumer choices.

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Vegan Action (Vegan Awareness Foundation)






The Vegan Action (Vegan Awareness Foundation) certification is a registered trademark that validates products as free from animal products, byproducts, and testing. This certification is applicable across a range of sectors including food, drinks, supplements, personal care, household products, and textiles. The certification also scrutinizes the supply chain, requiring manufacturers to provide signed statements and source documents for every ingredient, ensuring they are not animal-derived or tested on animals.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive list of disallowed animal products and byproducts
  • Strict guidelines for cross-contamination prevention
  • Not permitted for products sold in China if animal testing is required


To obtain the certification, companies must submit a detailed list of products and ingredients, along with source documents and signed statements confirming the absence of animal products and testing. Shared machinery must be thoroughly cleaned between vegan and non-vegan production cycles. While the process is thorough, it's worth noting that Vegan Action does not conduct independent audits to ensure compliance.

Duration and Renewal

The certification is valid for a 12-month period. To renew, companies must submit an updated agreement and an annual licensing fee. Any change in ingredients must be immediately reported for verification and approval.

Impact and Significance

The certification offers a high level of assurance for consumers seeking vegan products, covering not just the ingredients but also the production process. However, the absence of independent audits might be a concern for those looking for an extra layer of verification. Overall, the certification serves as a robust guide for ethical consumer choices, although it may not satisfy those looking for third-party validation.