Made Safe

A seal of approval for products made with safe ingredients, free from harmful chemicals. Ensures consumer health protection.

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Made Safe






The MADE SAFE® certification serves as a guide for consumers looking for products formulated without toxic substances that could harm human health. It is relevant to various industries, including personal care, household goods, and textiles. The certification involves a comprehensive 360-degree evaluation of all inputs, ensuring that over 6,500 substances on the Banned/Restricted List are avoided or constrained.

Key Features

  • Extensive list of over 6,500 banned or restricted substances.
  • Comprehensive 360-degree evaluation of all product inputs.
  • Screening for known or probable carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and various toxins.


To acquire the certification, products undergo a rigorous screening process that demands manufacturing transparency and full disclosure of all substances involved. If there's uncertainty or insufficient data about a substance's potential harm, certification is withheld until a thorough scientific safety review is conducted. The final formulation is also lab-tested for safety.

Duration and Renewal

Companies offering certified products must submit a compliance form to inform MADE SAFE of any changes in ingredients, sources, or product offerings. The list of harmful ingredients may be updated annually based on new evaluations, requiring companies to stay updated for recertification.

Impact and Significance

Obtaining the MADE SAFE certification offers a competitive edge by boosting consumer confidence in the safety of a product. It also encourages companies to innovate and improve by providing suggestions for areas of improvement. The certification's stringent criteria also make a positive impact on environmental practices, including potential pollution sources and impacts on soil, air, and water.