A global testing and accreditation program for textiles to ensure they are free from harmful substances.

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The OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification is a globally recognized label for textiles that have been tested for harmful substances, ensuring high product safety and customer confidence. It is relevant to industries such as clothing, home textiles, and upholstery. Every component of a certified textile article, from threads to buttons, has been tested, although the certification does not extend to evaluating the entire supply chain.

Key Features

  • Tests every component of a textile article for harmful substances.

  • Includes around 100 test parameters, varying based on the intended use of the textiles.

  • The more intensive the skin contact of a textile product, the stricter the limit values for each product class.

  • Certifies chemicals and dyes according to the OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT.


To acquire the certification, products must undergo rigorous testing by neutral and independent institutes. Tests consider both regulated and non-regulated substances that could be harmful to human health, often exceeding national and international requirements.

Duration and Renewal

The certification is valid for 12 months and can be renewed annually. The criteria catalog is updated at least once a year to include new scientific knowledge or statutory requirements.

Impact and Significance

Obtaining this certification can significantly boost consumer confidence in the safety of a product. It ensures that textiles are free from harmful substances, making it a strong selling point for health-conscious consumers. However, it's worth noting that the certification focuses on the safety of the textile components and not the broader supply chain.