EWG Verified

A mark of approval for products that meet rigorous ingredient and transparency standards, ensuring safety and sustainability.

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EWG Verified






The EWG Verified certification is pertinent to personal care, cleaning, and diaper products, focusing on providing consumers with products that are safer for their health and the environment. It covers a range of products including cosmetics, skin care products, shampoos, and soaps. The certification doesn’t evaluate the production or supply chains but strictly assesses the ingredients of the product offered for certification, ensuring they meet the set standards for safety and transparency.

Key Features

  • Strict adherence to EWG’s standards for ingredient disclosure on the label.
  • Prohibition of ingredients on EWG's "Unacceptable" and "Restricted" lists, ensuring products are free from substances with health, ecotoxicity, and/or contamination concerns.
  • Mandatory development and adherence to current good manufacturing practices by product manufacturers to ensure the safety of their products.
  • Requires complete disclosure of all ingredients, including fragrance and flavor mixtures on the label.


To acquire this certification, applicants must submit their products through the EWG Verified portal and provide necessary documents. Substantiating documents for restricted ingredients, such as laboratory test reports and certificates of analysis, are required. Companies must agree to random product testing by EWG and must comply with all updates to EWG's "Unacceptable" and "Restricted" lists, which are reviewed and updated annually.

Duration and Renewal

The EWG Verified mark is valid for up to three years. To renew the certification, companies must resubmit their product information and undergo the verification process again to ensure continued compliance with the updated standards and criteria set by EWG.

Impact and Significance

Obtaining the EWG Verified certification signifies a commitment to offering products that are safer for consumer health and the environment. It ensures that the products do not contain any harmful ingredients and adhere to high standards of safety and transparency, providing a guarantee to consumers about the safety of the products they are using. The certification also mandates annual reviews and updates of the lists of unacceptable and restricted ingredients, reflecting the latest in science, regulations, and other relevant considerations, ensuring ongoing improvement and adherence to the highest standards of safety.