Greenguard Gold

Ensures products for indoor use, like furniture, meet strict chemical emissions limits, contributing to healthier environments.

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Greenguard Gold






The UL GREENGUARD Certification focuses on low chemical emissions in products ranging from furniture and flooring to electronic equipment and cleaning products. It aims to ensure healthier indoor environments. However, the certification only evaluates the final product for emissions, not its production or supply chain.

Key Features

  • Tests for more than 11,000 chemicals and over 360 VOCs
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certification includes additional safety factors for sensitive individuals and is suitable for schools and healthcare facilities
  • Does not measure heavy metals or PVC, focusing only on volatile emissions


The certification process is comprehensive, starting with an internal review by the manufacturer and culminating in independent testing. Products are tested in dynamic environmental chambers, and most must meet allowable emission levels within 7 to 14 days of installation. Annual recertification and quarterly monitoring are required to maintain the credential.

Duration and Renewal

Certification is valid for one year, and products must undergo both annual recertification and quarterly quality monitoring tests. New versions of previously certified items are also retested each year.

Impact and Significance

GREENGUARD Certification can enhance a company's reputation for environmental responsibility and product safety. For consumers, it offers a level of assurance about indoor air quality. The Gold Certification is especially relevant for those seeking products suitable for sensitive individuals or specific environments like schools. However, the certification's focus on emissions rather than chemical content or production methods may not fully meet the expectations of those looking for a more comprehensive sustainability certification.