Plastic Neutral Standards

A sustainability certification indicating that a company or product removes more plastic from the environment than it produces. Essential for eco-conscious businesses.

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Plastic Neutral Standards






Plastic Negative certification by rePurpose Global enables companies to calculate their plastic footprint and donate to compensate for it, supporting projects that collect and process plastic, preventing it from polluting the natural environment. This certification is relevant to companies looking to offset their plastic use and contribute to environmental conservation. It emphasizes the importance of not only collecting plastic but also reducing its production and waste.

Key Features

  • Allows companies to calculate their plastic footprint and select how much plastic they want to recover.
  • Contributions support projects that increase recycling capacity and empower waste workers.
  • Encourages brands to reduce the use of virgin plastic and build more circular business models.


rePurpose Global utilizes reTrace™, a proprietary technology tool for impact verification, ensuring robust end-to-end data tracking across the entire plastic recovery value chain. This process is supported and checked by the rePurpose Global team and is independently audited, with projects receiving four audits per year. rePurpose Global maintains high credibility by making all impact data readily available for regular third-party audits and by monitoring a range of social safeguards including workplace safety, prevention of child and forced labor, and gender equality.

Duration and Renewal

The certification does not specify a validity period or renewal process, but it implies an ongoing partnership where companies continually assess their plastic footprint and make corresponding contributions to maintain their Plastic Negative status.

Impact and Significance

Achieving Plastic Negative certification signifies a company's commitment to environmental conservation by supporting the removal of plastic from oceans and landfills and empowering impoverished waste workers. However, it is crucial for companies to also focus on reducing the amount of plastic being produced and wasted, as collecting plastic alone is not a holistic solution to plastic pollution. Some brands collaborate with rePurpose Global to go beyond their plastic use, removing more plastic from the environment than they use, while others use the certification to portray an environmentally friendly image without substantial reduction in plastic use in their products.