An Australian ecolabel that signifies environmentally friendly and sustainable products and services, promoting responsible production.

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The GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) ecolabel signifies that a product is environmentally friendly, minimally impacts human health, and is ethically produced. This certification is applicable across various sectors, including building materials, cleaning products, office supplies, personal care items, textiles, and more. The certification evaluates the entire lifecycle of a product, from raw material extraction to its end of life, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of its environmental and ethical impact.

Key Features

  • The standard mandates requirements to decrease harmful substances affecting human health and restricts the use of specific hazardous materials, including known carcinogens and mutagens.

  • It ensures fair pay, equal opportunity, and a safe working environment for workers and suppliers throughout the supply chain.

  • A product or service should exhibit a decreased environmental impact compared to conventional offerings while maintaining sustainability in social and health aspects.


GECA certification is influential in green building projects and is recognized by various green initiatives across Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. The certification process involves an independent third party to assess products against GECA's rigorous standards, which are based on global best practices. Assurance providers undergo regular training and assessment to ensure the highest standards of evaluation. Upon meeting the criteria, a Certificate of Conformance is issued to the product.

Duration and Renewal

Upon successful certification, a Certificate of Conformance is issued. This certification is subject to a re-certification assessment every three years. Additionally, random audits may be conducted to ensure continued compliance.

Impact and Significance

GECA-certified products assure consumers of their commitment to environmental sustainability, ethical production, and human health safety. The certification ensures products avoid harmful substances, support sustainable raw material sourcing, and promote efficient energy, water, and waste management. Such products prioritize recovery, reuse, recycling, and responsible disposal, signaling a commitment to quality and sustainability.