Fair Wear Foundation

Certification ensuring fair labor conditions in the garment industry, promoting ethical practices and transparency.

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Fair Wear Foundation






The Fair Wear Foundation is not a certification but a membership that brands voluntarily join to meet high labor standards in the garment industry. The foundation's Code of Labour Practices (CoLP) is grounded in International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions and the United Nations' Declaration on Human Rights. The foundation focuses on assessing business practices and working conditions primarily in factories where sewing is the main manufacturing process.

Key Features

  • Brands are supported through various means like performance checks, learning sessions, and audits.

  • Workers can voice concerns through Fair Wear phone lines, and any validated complaints must be addressed by the involved brand.

  • Transparency is valued, with public disclosure of Brand Performance Check reports and factory information.


Fair Wear's credibility is somewhat limited as it is not a certification but a membership. Brands undergo audits conducted by independent experts, including worker and management interviews, visual inspections, and document reviews. Brands are expected to address issues identified during audits.

Duration and Renewal

Since Fair Wear is a membership and not a certification, there is no specified duration or renewal process. However, brands are expected to continuously strive to meet the high standards set by Fair Wear, and their performance is regularly checked.

Impact and Significance

The program offers a pathway for brands to improve labor conditions and become more transparent. It provides workers with a platform to voice concerns, thereby directly impacting their well-being. Brands that commit to Fair Wear's standards are taking a step toward more ethical and transparent business practices.