PETA Cruelty Free

A recognition for products not tested on animals, promoting ethical treatment and animal rights.

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PETA Cruelty Free






The PETA Cruelty-Free certification applies to manufacturers of cosmetics, personal-care products, household cleaning items, and other common household goods. Companies can earn one of two designations: Animal-Test Free or Animal-Test Free and Vegan. The certification aims to ensure that the entire supply chain is free from animal testing.

Key Features

  • The certification is granted based on a company's assurance or statement that neither they nor their suppliers conduct or commission animal tests.
  • Does not require submission of documents from suppliers as proof of compliance
  • PETA defines โ€˜veganโ€™ as free of animal-derived ingredients.


To obtain certification, companies must either sign PETA's statement of assurance or provide their own statement verifying their commitment to a no-animal-testing policy. They are also required to have agreements with their suppliers that mandate a no-animal-testing policy. However, PETA does not conduct independent audits or require formal documentation from suppliers, which may raise questions about the thoroughness of the certification process.

Duration and Renewal

PETA does not have a formal renewal process for its Cruelty-Free certification. Companies are expected to maintain their commitment to no animal testing but are not subject to periodic re-evaluation.

Impact and Significance

The certification allows consumers to make ethical choices by selecting products that are free from animal testing. It also offers a vegan option for those looking to avoid animal-derived ingredients. However, the lack of independent audits and formal renewal processes may leave some consumers questioning the rigor of the certification.