Global Recycled Standard

Ensures products with recycled content meet environmental & social criteria, including supply chain tracking.

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Global Recycled Standard






The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is a certification that focuses on promoting and validating responsible and sustainable practices in the production of recycled materials. Certified organizations must adhere to stringent social and environmental requirements, including labor standards set by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The standard is applicable across the full supply chain, ensuring traceability, environmental responsibility, and social compliance.

Key Features

  • The GRS can be used as a business-to-business tool for products with at least 20% recycled content. For consumer-facing labeling, products must contain at least 50% recycled content.

  • Addresses waste, water, emissions, wastewater, and energy consumption.

  • Encourages continuous improvement and innovation in recycling processes and materials.


The GRS has been independently verified against ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice, ensuring a robust and transparent certification process. It employs certification bodies that conduct assessments for all stages in the supply chain, enhancing its credibility.

Duration and Renewal

The GRS standards are reviewed at least every five years to ensure they remain relevant and effective. The standard also encourages ongoing improvement, setting clear benchmarks and performance indicators to motivate companies to innovate and adopt more efficient recycling processes.

Impact and Significance

While it restricts the use of hazardous chemicals in processing, it does not address chemicals in reclaimed materials or final products. Nevertheless, its comprehensive approach to social and environmental responsibility makes it a significant standard for organizations aiming to improve their sustainability credentials.