Carbon Footprint Standard

A globally recognized standard for measuring, managing, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Essential for environmental sustainability.

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Carbon Footprint Standard






The Carbon Footprint Standard is applicable to various entities including organizations, businesses, products, projects, services, and events, aiming to assess, report, and offset emissions. It is relevant to any entity looking to validate its carbon footprint reduction efforts and is especially pertinent to those wanting to demonstrate environmental responsibility. This standard evaluates emissions throughout the supply chain, from cradle to factory gate, and in some instances, it extends to cradle to customer, cradle to grave, or cradle to cradle.

Key Features

  • Offers three levels: Assessed, Reduced, and Carbon Neutral, each requiring a progressively rigorous assessment and reduction of emissions.
  • Requires adherence to leading internationally recognized methodologies such as WRI Greenhouse Gas reporting, ISO 14001:2015, or Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Standard.
  • Encourages setting a carbon reduction target and measuring against this target annually.


To acquire this certification, entities must undergo a meticulous assessment, either independently by an approved assessor or verified by Carbon Footprint Ltd’s team of specialist greenhouse gas emission assessors. The certification demands compliance with internationally recognized methodologies, ensuring high credibility and reliability in the assessment and reporting of carbon emissions.

Duration and Renewal

The standard does not specify a validity period but recommends ongoing improvement by setting and measuring against a carbon reduction target annually. Entities are encouraged to continually assess and reduce their emissions to maintain and progress in their certification levels.

Impact and Significance

Achieving the Carbon Footprint Standard demonstrates an entity's commitment to environmental responsibility and carbon emissions reduction. It allows organizations to credibly represent their carbon reduction efforts and progress, contributing to broader environmental conservation goals and enhancing their reputation among stakeholders. The standard’s emphasis on ongoing improvement encourages sustained efforts in reducing environmental impact, fostering a culture of continuous enhancement in environmental performance.