Only Natural Pet

Only Natural Pet

Natural pet supplies for dogs and cats are available from Only Natural Pet. Natural pet food, flea and tick prevention, dog and cat supplements, and homoeopathic remedies for dogs and cats

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Brand Description

Founded in 2002 by Marty Grosjean and based in Boulder, Colorado, Only Natural Pet has established itself as the nation's leading brand in natural pet supplies. The brand is renowned for developing a range of nutritious products for dogs and cats, encompassing food, treats, and supplements. Additionally, Only Natural Pet specializes in safe, non-toxic grooming products and flea/tick prevention solutions, all designed with the long-term health and well-being of pets in mind.

Only Natural Pet

Sustainability Report

Only Natural Pet is committed to sustainability and the use of high-quality ingredients. The brand prides itself on using all-natural, human-grade, sustainably-sourced, and certified ingredients, ensuring that pet parents can trust the safety and effectiveness of their products. Notably, Only Natural Pet is the first pet food and treat company in North America to receive B-Corp certification, reflecting its dedication to holistic, environmentally conscious practices. The brand's commitment to transparency and top-quality ingredients is also vet-approved, ensuring holistic care for pets.

Brand's Sustainable Attributes

Green Energy
Green Energy
Non Toxic
Non Toxic
Responsibly Sourced
Responsibly Sourced

Brand's Product Line

Pet Food

  • Natural Food
  • Dry Food
  • Wet Food
  • Freeze-Dried Food
  • Dehydrated Food
  • Grain-Free Food
  • All Meat Treats
  • Catnip
  • Soft & Chewy
  • Crunchy
  • Freeze-Dried
  • Fortified & Functional

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Only Natural Pet

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