Tonlé is a fashion company that believes in sustainable and ethical production. They work with local artisans and manufacturers to create unique, handmade pieces for their customers.

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Founded by Rachel Faller in 2013 and based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Tonlé has evolved from a singular brand into a collaborative online platform that champions ethical production and climate justice. Initially established with the mission to prove that fashion can be created from waste without sacrificing a single scrap, Tonlé has grown to include a diverse range of apparel, accessories, and homewares. These products are crafted from reclaimed materials by skilled artisans and designers from around the globe.


Sustainability Report

Tonlé sets a remarkable standard in the fashion industry with its Zero Waste manufacturing process, underscoring its dedication to environmental stewardship and ethical practices. By utilizing every piece of fabric in the production of its goods, Tonlé not only minimizes waste but also demonstrates the feasibility and beauty of sustainable fashion. This approach reflects a deep commitment to reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry, making Tonlé a pioneer in promoting sustainability and fairness in the creation and distribution of fashion products.

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Ethically Made
Ethically Made

Brand's Product Line

Clothing for Women and Men


  • Rattan by Manava
  • Home Textiles
  • Wall Hangings
  • Ceramics
  • Candles

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