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Rebag, established in 2014 by an adept team from Harvard Business School and headquartered in New York, stands as an authoritative name in the realm of luxury accessories. Specializing in the buying, selling, and trading of luxury items such as handbags, watches, fine jewelry, and small leather goods, Rebag showcases an impressive range of over 50 top-tier designer brands. Notable among them are iconic labels like Chanel, Hermès, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, and Cartier. Whether you're looking to revamp your wardrobe or part ways with cherished items, Rebag offers a premium platform to meet your luxury fashion needs.


Sustainability Report

Embracing sustainability, Rebag empowers resellers by providing them with the necessary insights and tools, thereby promoting educated decision-making in the resale industry. This commitment enables enthusiasts to continually engage with luxury, creating a circular economy in the luxury goods space. With a robust financial backing from distinguished venture capital firms like General Catalyst, Novator, and Crosslink, Rebag has amassed a funding of $68 million. The brand's innovative approach didn't go unnoticed; in 2020, Fast Company heralded Rebag as one of the "Most Innovative Companies". Additionally, its pioneering efforts have been spotlighted in esteemed publications like the New York Times, VOGUE, and TechCrunch.

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  • Watches
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  • Shoes

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