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As concerned citizens of the world, they don’t take being here lightly. Quiet Town only makes things we need and things that last.

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Quiet Town, founded by Lisa Schulner and Michael Fine in 2016, initially took root in Brooklyn, New York, before relocating to California. The brand is renowned for its responsibly-made, design-forward bathroom accessories that cater to the aesthetics of the modern home. Emphasizing quality and environmental friendliness, Quiet Town products are crafted in Brooklyn using vibrant, eco-friendly materials, reflecting the founders' commitment to both design and sustainability. The move from the North Fork of Long Island, NY, to the Bay Area marks a new chapter for the brand, continuing its mission in a new setting.

Quiet Town

Sustainability Report

In its dedication to sustainability, Quiet Town ensures that all its products are encased in 100% compostable packaging, highlighting the brand's commitment to reducing environmental impact. The bath rugs are crafted from 100% sustainably sourced cotton, while the Quiet towels undergo organic dyeing processes in Portugal. Additionally, the brand's Toilet Paper Totes are produced from 100% up-cycled canvas at their Brooklyn factory, further underscoring Quiet Town's efforts to promote eco-friendly practices and materials in their product line, making a significant contribution to the sustainability of the home goods industry.

Brand's Sustainable Attributes

Eco-friendly Packaging
Eco-friendly Packaging

Brand's Product Line


  • Towels
  • Curtains
  • Bath Rugs
  • Hooks

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Quiet Town

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