PAIST revolutionizes dental care with the UK's first infinitely recyclable, all-metal toothpaste tube, offering a vegan, naturally certified product.

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UK, USA, Canada, Australia

Brand Description

PAIST, established in 2024 by Elham Kordrostami and Pedram Kordrostami, marks its presence in London as a pioneering brand in dental care. The brand is distinguished for introducing the first toothpaste tube crafted from infinitely recyclable metal, completely eliminating plastic from its packaging. This innovation is not only a testament to the brand's commitment to sustainability but also to its dedication to quality and health, being designed by dentists, including co-founder Dr. Elham Kordrostami, a UK registered dentist. PAIST stands out as the UK's first to offer an all-metal toothpaste tube, including the cap, ensuring a premium, vegan, and naturally certified dental care product.


Sustainability Report

In its pursuit of sustainability and health, PAIST has set a new standard in the dental care industry. The brand's toothpaste is formulated without any fillers, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), or artificial flavors, opting instead for plant-based glycerin and real mint or spearmint oil to ensure a natural and effective product. This commitment to using high-quality, vegan ingredients has earned PAIST certifications from reputable third-party organizations, highlighting its dedication to premium quality and environmental responsibility. By choosing PAIST, consumers are not only embracing a healthier lifestyle but also contributing to a more sustainable future.

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Plastic Free
Plastic Free
Non Toxic
Non Toxic

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  • Daily
  • Whitening
  • Sensitive

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