Naledo is a youth-led social venture that produces the world's first fresh, wildcrafted whole root Turmeric Paste Truly Turmeric! Healthy, Long-lasting, and Empowering Communities

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United States, Canada

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Naledo, established in 2016 by the mother-daughter duo Umeeda and Nareena Switlo, is a social enterprise based in British Columbia, Canada. The company is driven by a vision of responsible food sourcing, sustainable livelihoods, and a thriving environment. Naledo stands out in the market as the producer of the world's first fresh, wildcrafted whole root Turmeric Paste, known as Truly Turmeric. Their product range, which includes Turmeric Juice, Turmeric Paste, and Turmeric Face Oil, is a testament to their commitment to innovative and health-conscious offerings.


Sustainability Report

As a Certified B Corporation, Naledo exemplifies sustainability and positive impact in its operations. The company is dedicated to creating beneficial outcomes across its supply chain, adhering to the principle of being a better business for better lives. This commitment is evident in their sustainable sourcing practices and their collaboration with hundreds of small-scale growers. Naledo not only ensures a positive impact from forest to fridge but also supports its growers significantly, offering them compensation that is six times higher than the fair trade price for fresh turmeric, thereby promoting economic sustainability and fair practices in the industry.

Brand's Sustainable Attributes

Non Toxic
Non Toxic
Responsibly Sourced
Responsibly Sourced
Ethically Made
Ethically Made
Give Back
Give Back

Brand's Product Line


  • Turmeric Juice Blend-Ginger
  • Turmeric Juice Blend-Hibiscus Cinnamon
  • Turmeric Juice Blend-Mint
  • Turmeric Juice Blend-Pineapple, Mango, Carrot
  • Naledo Brewing Cacao


  • Turmeric Face Oil
  • Turmeric Face Mask
  • Turmeric Soap
  • Whole Root Turmeric Paste

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