Discover sustainable food recommended good for your body good for the environment. Check out foods that are safe for you and the environment. We're here to help you find what's right for you.

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CRU kafe
Explore our wonderful collection of Organic coffees, including our award-winning Nespresso compatible pods, which start at 33p per pod. Always organic, always fairtrade, always ethically sourced
World Centric
At World Centric, we're dedicated to reducing waste and suffering in people's lives. Take a look at our environmentally friendly, biodegradable items today
Pitaya Foods
Our mission is to produce the healthiest products possible with minimal processing and organic farming, while also directly helping the communities from whom we source to their better health
Dress It Up
Dress It Up Dressing makes award-winning olive oil-based dressings that are gluten free, sugar free, low sodium, vegan, AIP compliant, Keto and Whole 30 friendly varieties.
Core Foods
CORE Bars supply your body with all it requires to keep your core happy. When you provide your body with the balanced nourishment it requires, it operates at its best and stays content.
Simple Switch
Simple Switch is an online marketplace for ethical and impactful shopping products shipped to your door, all while making a positive difference for our planet and its people.
Fody Foods Co provides nutritious, low FODMAP food products and recipes that are high in flavour while being low in FODMAPs. Live and eat without experiencing IBS symptoms!
Presto Coffee is proud of the coffee it produces. Order freshly roasted coffee beans online and get free UK delivery on orders over £25!
Wild Nutrition
Wild Nutrition specializes in sustainably grown, ethically sourced, natural supplements that are formulated by Henrietta Norton. The company is committed to ethical practices, Bcorp certified.
Punchy offers premium low-calorie soft drinks with all-natural ingredients, feel-good flavors, and an added dose of vitamin D.
Sugars refined with Prodigy Snacks, without any energy slumps, and nutrient-rich ingredients are in, all without sacrificing anything you love about chocolate.
Naledo is a youth-led social venture that produces the world's first fresh, wildcrafted whole root Turmeric Paste Truly Turmeric! Healthy, Long-lasting, and Empowering Communities
Ella's Kitchen
Ella's Kitchen offers delicious organic baby food, delectable weaning recipes, and expert advice for your child's eating journey. Let's start weaning!
Dang Foods is the inventor of the Original Coconut Chip, Sticky Rice Chips, and Dang Bar, a plant-based Keto bar that offers unique, healthful, and delicious treats.
According to Kencko, a diet high in plants is essential for a healthy future for everyone and the world. No colors or flavor enhancers are added in their products.
Thrive Market
At wholesale pricing, get organic foods from well-known brands. With Thrive Market, healthy living is simple.
Drop Bear
Drop Bear Beer Co is dedicated to producing ground-breaking craft beers with alcohol content of less than 0.5% ABV. Learn more about our low-alcohol beverage selection by visiting our website
Healthy Human
Buy ethically Stay hydrated with Healthy Human's reusable bottles, cruiser tumblers, and stainless steel bottles. Visit the official Store to view all colors and sizes.
Liobites are gluten-free, vegan, and contain no added sugar or preservatives. We freeze dry freshly selected fruit so that LioBites keep the minerals and antioxidants and count as 1 of 5 a day.
Miyoko's Kitchen
Founded on the philosophy of compassion for all living beings, we are on a quest to create dairy products that we all love that are made entirely of plants, making them kinder, greener, and delicious
Beyond Meat
Making delectable, nutritious, and long-lasting protein so you may eat what you love without making any sacrifices
Arbonne empowers people to thrive via long-term healthy living. We create high-quality plant-based personal care, beauty, and wellness products.
Meat products made entirely of plants We are dedicated to providing food that is simple to prepare, sustainable, and nutritional.
Public Goods
No items found.
Public Goods
Convenience. You're covered for peace of mind with this one-stop shop for trustworthy, everyday necessities. Sustainable materials. Healthy additives. Interesting design. All at a reasonable cost.
Impossible Food
No items found.
Impossible Food
The components for the Impossible Food products are basic and plant-based. Good for the health of people and the planet