Mayamam Weavers

Mayamam Weavers

Lasting long Home furnishings and accents for contemporary living produced by a Guatemalan weaver's cooperative striving to improve people's lives.

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Brand Description

Founded in 2008 by Caryn Maxim, Mayamam Weavers merges traditional Mayan weaving with modern design to produce handwoven, 100% cotton home goods. Originating in Cajolá, Guatemala, this cooperative was created to offer local women job opportunities, aiming to prevent migration and family separation. Now including 20 artisans, the cooperative crafts durable, soft products from Morristown, New Jersey, upholding fair trade and sustainability.

Mayamam Weavers

Sustainability Report

Mayamam Weavers, a Fair Trade Federation member, commits to ethical practices, ensuring fair wages for its artisans. This supports community development and offers members access to education, including preschool and scholarships, fostering skill development. By investing in community and cultural preservation, Mayamam Weavers champions social responsibility and environmental stewardship, maintaining a legacy of Mayan craftsmanship.

Brand's Sustainable Attributes

Give Back
Give Back
Ethically Made
Ethically Made

Brand's Product Line

Home Goods

  • Kitchen
  • Dining
  • Lifestyle


  • Cosmetic Bags
  • Jewelry Rolls
  • Toiletry Bags
  • Toiletry Bag Sets
  • Market Totes
  • Yoga Bags
  • Beach Totes & Throws
  • Wine Totes
  • Weekenders
  • Backstrap Basics

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Mayamam Weavers

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