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Black Label

Black Label is a new wellness wear concept and a new attitude toward life, truth and beauty. It is an online store for all women and men who are constantly in search of refinement and quality.

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Founded by Filippo Perricone and his wife Amy in 2012, Black Label has established itself as a trailblazer in the luxury market from its headquarters in Bergamo, Italy. The brand is dedicated to redefining luxury through its Italian-made athletic, lounge, and leisure wear, crafted from nourishing materials. As a testament to its commitment to quality and sustainability, Black Label, also known as Back Label the Wellnesswear, embraces a slow fashion model and maintains a carryover brand philosophy, ensuring its products are timeless and durable.

Black Label

Sustainability Report

From the outset, Black Label has been certified by ICEA/GOTS, reflecting its adherence to stringent organic and sustainable production standards. In January 2021, the brand further solidified its commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices by achieving B-Corp certification. Black Label's mission extends beyond creating high-quality wellness wear; it aims to contribute to the development of a sustainable economic system that benefits society and the environment. The company is dedicated to having a positive impact on its employees, the local community, and the surrounding environment.

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Non Toxic
Non Toxic

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Clothing and athleticwear for Women and Men

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