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Founded by Mary Ellen Putignano in New Jersey in 2012, Affina is a brand that specializes in crafting exquisite lifestyle products for the home, hospitality, and spa sectors. The brand is built upon a wellness philosophy that advocates for a life lived in closer harmony with nature. By integrating ancient spiritual, philosophical, and cultural teachings, Affina aims to infuse our daily environments with the authentic patterns, colors, textures, and forms of nature, enhancing our connection to the natural world and enriching our everyday experiences.


Sustainability Report

Affina is deeply committed to sustainability and the transformative power of nature on both body and soul. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, the brand designs eco-friendly, 100% organic bath and home products that embody nature's essence through their patterns, colors, textures, and scents, thereby elevating daily rituals. All Affina textiles are crafted from 100% organic cotton, colored with low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes, and certified for safety against harmful substances by the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, reflecting the brand's dedication to environmental responsibility and the well-being of its customers.

Brand's Sustainable Attributes

Non Toxic
Non Toxic

Brand's Product Line


  • Bath Towels
  • Bath Mitts
  • Organic Soaps
  • Bath Accessories


  • Coverlets & Shams

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