Smell great, look fantastic, and love well. Zambeezi believes in practicing ethical sourcing, organic, fair trade body care for your skin and communities. We are making a difference together.

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Zambeezi, founded in 2008 by Andre Houssney and Barry Illunga, is a brand that has evolved from a bold idea into a staple found in the pockets, purses, desks, and counters of a diverse clientele. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Zambeezi is renowned for its commitment to producing the finest lip balm, a commitment that begins with the selection of premium ingredients. These ingredients are not just any materials; they are carefully cultivated in collaboration with people who are integral to the process, ensuring that every product is of the highest quality.


Sustainability Report

Sustainability and ethical practices are at the heart of Zambeezi's operations. As a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation, the brand goes beyond the conventional expectations of fair wages to embody the true spirit of Fair Trade. By partnering with beekeepers, farmers, and young entrepreneurs in Zambia, Zambeezi ensures that every aspect of its business, from the sourcing of organic, Fair Trade beeswax to the formulation of its products, contributes to a greater purpose. This holistic approach not only results in a phenomenal lip balm but also supports a model of business that enriches the lives of its Zambian partners, making Zambeezi a brand with a remarkable mission and impact.

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Responsibly Sourced
Responsibly Sourced

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  • Organic Lip Balm
  • Fair Trade Body Balm
  • Handcrafted Soap Bars

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