Wehlers offers award-winning Danish design and quality when you buy sustainable furniture online. We make use of recyclable materials, as well as plastic debris from the oceans and gadgets.

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Denmark, Belgien, Holland, Italien, Sverige, Tyskland

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Founded in 2014 by Henrik Holm and Maria Fryd, Wehlers is a Copenhagen-based furniture design brand that stands out for its innovative use of scrap materials. The brand has committed to accepting all its furniture back at the end of its life cycle, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and resource preservation for future generations. Wehlers collaborates with renowned architects to create high-quality products, focusing on a circular agenda and utilizing responsibly sourced waste materials and FSC certified wood.


Sustainability Report

Embracing the principles of a circular economy, Wehlers ensures that all its furniture pieces are crafted by micro-enterprises and family-owned businesses. These collaborators are encouraged to source support materials within a 200-mile radius of their facilities, reinforcing the brand's commitment to local production and recycling in Denmark. Wehlers holds a B Corporation certification, highlighting its dedication to sustainable business practices. A prime example of their innovative approach is the R.U.M. (ReUsedMaterials) line, which includes products made from recycled fishing nets, pharmalit, or e-waste, with the Wehlers R.U.M. chair serving as a testament to this sustainable initiative.

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Repair Service
Repair Service

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  • Furniture
  • Step Stool
  • Chairs

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