With Shaeco, you take care of your hair and reduce your environmental impact The planet is grateful, so are future generations!

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United States, Canada, Europe

Brand Description

Shaeco, founded by Vera Maia in 2019 and based in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, emerged from a collective belief in individual and shared responsibility for the health of our planet. As a cosmetics brand, Shaeco specializes in personal care products, including shampoo and soap bars, and is committed to developing and producing items that not only care for people but also protect the environment. This commitment is reflected in every aspect of their operation, from product conception to customer delivery, ensuring that consumers receive high-quality, eco-friendly personal care options.


Sustainability Report

In its dedication to sustainability, Shaeco adopts eco-conscious packaging solutions, utilizing 100% recycled, recyclable, and plastic-free materials, all printed with vegetable-based ink. This approach significantly reduces the brand's environmental footprint by eliminating disposable plastics and contributing to cleaner oceans. Moreover, Shaeco's products are designed to consume less water during their production process, further underscoring the brand's commitment to minimizing environmental impact while ensuring consumers enjoy fabulous hair care products that are as kind to the planet as they are to their hair.

Brand's Sustainable Attributes

Water Save
Water Save
Eco-friendly Packaging
Eco-friendly Packaging

Brand's Product Line


  • Shampoo Bar
  • Conditioner Bar
  • Moisturizing Bar
  • Soap and Cleansing Bars
  • Soap dish and transport boxes

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