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Munjoi, established in 2020 by Patrick Hogan and headquartered in Amesbury, Massachusetts, was born out of a desire to address the environmental issues associated with traditional footwear. Recognizing the need for more sustainable and versatile options, Munjoi has developed a unique shoe that not only makes kinder material choices but also encourages reduced consumption. Their innovative design allows for a single pair of shoes to be transformed into various styles – including a sandal, slide, mule, or sneaker – adapting effortlessly to any change in plans.


Sustainability Report

The brand's commitment to sustainability is embodied in their ALL-DAI shoes, which are climate neutral. This means that Munjoi meticulously calculates the carbon emissions associated with each pair of shoes, offsets these emissions by supporting greenhouse gas reduction projects, and labels the ALL-DAI shoes as climate neutral. By choosing Munjoi's climate neutral products, customers actively contribute to global climate action and support recognized carbon offset initiatives. Additionally, Munjoi is dedicated to providing eco-friendly packaging, further reinforcing their commitment to environmental responsibility.

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Eco-friendly Packaging
Eco-friendly Packaging

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  • All-Dai Shoe

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