Merry Go Rounds

Merry Go Rounds

We provide handpicked, high quality new and secondhand children's apparel, toys, books, and presents, making shopping for kids more sustainable, economical, and enjoyable

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Merry Go Rounds, founded by Melissa Mazzeo in 1989 and based in Easton, Massachusetts, is dedicated to transforming the way we shop for children's items. The brand focuses on making the shopping experience for kids' clothes, shoes, accessories, books, and toys both sustainable and enjoyable. Merry Go Rounds aims to establish resale as the primary choice for shopping, ensuring that it's not only easy but also fun. Their mission revolves around altering the public's perception of secondhand shopping, infusing it with joy and a personalized touch.

Merry Go Rounds

Sustainability Report

The brand's commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in its mission. Merry Go Rounds strives to minimize waste and encourage mindful consumption, all while keeping resources circulating within local communities. As a women-owned, family-operated business, it proudly holds a B Corporation certification, reflecting its dedication to high standards of social and environmental performance. Through its business practices, Merry Go Rounds is not just a retail outlet but a movement towards a more sustainable and community-focused way of shopping, aiming to make a positive impact on both the environment and local economies.

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Takeback Program
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Merry Go Rounds

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