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Meow Meow Tweet manufactures vegan personal care items for all body types. They always use handmade, low-waste, ethical, and non-cruelty items.

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Brand Description

Established in 2009 by Jeff Kurosaki and Tara Pelletier, Meow Meow Tweet is based in Gardiner, New York, and is devoted to creating ethical and natural personal care products. The brand's mission is to manufacture products that are environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, and created in a positive work environment. They aim to make these products affordable and accessible for everyone, regardless of their gender identity. Meow Meow Tweet believes in equality and inclusivity, hence, their product line does not differentiate between ""women's"" or ""men's"".

Meow Meow Tweet

Sustainability Report

Named after the founders' two cats and bird, Meow Meow Tweet is a vegan brand and proud to be Leaping Bunny–certified, meaning it's verified cruelty-free, as well as palm-oil free. They are consistently working towards reducing their contribution to landfill waste. To this end, they focus on two main strategies: (1) developing packaging that naturally decomposes, and (2) instituting systems of reuse that eradicate waste completely. Furthermore, the brand actively supports various causes by making monthly donations in the areas of Social Justice, Earth & Nature, and Animal Justice, underlining their dedication to ethical business practices and their commitment to make a difference.

Brand's Sustainable Attributes

No Plastic Pack
No Plastic Pack
Zero Waste
Zero Waste

Brand's Product Line


  • Deodorant Creams
  • Deodorant Sticks
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Cleansers
  • Hydrators
  • Moisturizers
  • Soap
  • Hair Care
  • Body Care

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Meow Meow Tweet

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