Emile Henry

Emile Henry

Emile Henry has built a reputation for producing bakeware, gourmet cooking items, and ceramic ovenware of the highest caliber around the world since 1850.

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Emile Henry



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Brand Description

Founded in 1850 and still owned by the Henry family, Emile Henry is a distinguished French company based in Southern Burgundy. Renowned for developing and manufacturing high-quality ceramic cooking utensils and kitchen accessories, the company has seen six generations of the Henry family pass down their expertise and passion in their Marcigny workshops. Currently led by CEO Jean-Baptiste Henry, Emile Henry continues to honor its rich family heritage and artisanal mastery, innovating new concepts annually while maintaining its iconic creations.

Emile Henry

Sustainability Report

Emile Henry is committed to sustainable and responsible production, utilizing natural raw materials that not only guarantee healthy and tasty cooking but also respect both people and the environment. These materials, celebrated for their quality, are carefully selected and crafted with artisanal skill, a practice recognized by the Living Heritage Company (EPV) label. The brand's products are made from Burgundy clay and other natural, non-clay materials, ensuring that all raw materials are food-safe and comply with stringent food-use regulations.

Brand's Sustainable Attributes

Locally Made
Locally Made
Non Toxic
Non Toxic

Brand's Product Line


  • Sublime
  • Dutch ovens
  • Tagines


  • Rectangular baking dishes
  • Square baking dishes
  • Oval baking dishes
  • Bread bakers
  • Pie & tart dishes

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Emile Henry

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