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EKOBO, pioneers in environmental design, provides high-end, secure, reusable home accessories for people of all ages. Dinnerware, silicone baby feeding sets, and kitchen and bathroom accessories.

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EKOBO, a distinguished French home living brand, was founded in 2003 by Bruno and Boo Louis. This brand specializes in the design and manufacture of premium tableware and zero-waste home accessories that emphasize environmental responsibility. The company started by mainly focusing on bamboo, which inspired their initial work, but they have progressively expanded their range to include other sustainable materials. Today, their products also incorporate cork, rePET fabric, food-grade silicone, and GOTS certified organic cotton. EKOBO's journey began with a single kid set, demonstrating its strong dedication to sustainable growth.


Sustainability Report

With years of experience in Fairtrade handicraft and a solid background in product design, EKOBO developed its signature eco-composite in 2010. This unique material represents their commitment to sustainability and innovative design. Today, the company offers a diverse array of over 500 products, showcasing an extensive palette of forms and colors. These items are thoughtfully designed to complement modern living, suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. This aligns with EKOBO's goal of providing consumers with aesthetically pleasing and environmentally-friendly home solutions.

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Chemical Free

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