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United Kingdom

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South London


USA, Europe

Brand Description

Daye, founded by Valentina in 2018, is a pioneering brand in the field of gynecological health. With its headquarters located in Southwark, London, Daye specializes in an array of products including vaginal microbiome screening, CBD tampons, and CBD balms. Driven by a mission to elevate standards in women's health, Daye is dedicated to innovating products and services that integrate seamlessly into everyday lives.


Sustainability Report

Daye places a high emphasis on environmental responsibility in their operations. This commitment manifests in their continuous effort to ensure that their products and services are as environmentally friendly as possible. Rigorous testing is implemented at every stage of their supply chain. Their tampons are ensured to be free from microbial contamination, heavy metal fragments, and they contain the correct amount of CBD without any traces of THC. However, sustainability at Daye extends beyond just environmental concerns. They believe in a holistic approach to sustainability that includes the wellbeing of their company and every individual involved. Through this multifaceted commitment, Daye strives to maintain a balance between planet, people, and business.

Brand's Sustainable Attributes

Non Toxic
Non Toxic
Ethically Made
Ethically Made

Brand's Product Line

Sustainable Period

  • Period Care
  • CBD & Naked Tampons
  • Tampon Sampler
  • Microbiome Screening
  • Pads
  • ProViotics
  • CBD Balm

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