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Barebones outdoor products enrich your experience in nature with cast iron cookery, antique inspired lighting, and gardening foraging equipment

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United States

Brand Description

Barebones, founded by Robert Workman in 2012, is a leading brand based in Salt Lake City, Utah, known for its high-quality cooking accessories and vintage-inspired outdoor goods. A B Corp Certified company, Barebones was conceived with a philanthropic mission to support underprivileged communities by providing essential skills, tools, and education. Designing products that enrich the outdoor experience while expanding its social impact remains a priority for the brand.


Sustainability Report

Barebones continually refines its sustainability philosophy. The company has made a commitment to lessen the use of single-use plastics in its packaging, replacing them with environmentally friendly alternatives. They've integrated the use of biodegradable bags wherever possible as part of this initiative. In terms of product design, Barebones emphasizes durability, opting for robust materials such as metal and wood. They also provide replacement parts to extend the lifespan of their products, demonstrating a comprehensive commitment to sustainability.

Brand's Sustainable Attributes

No Plastic Pack
No Plastic Pack

Brand's Product Line


  • Cast Iron & Cooking
  • Fire Pits & Grills
  • Enamel & Dining


  • Store & Carry
  • Gardening & Foraging
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Woodsman Tools

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