Uranus Wiper Review: Carbon Neutral & Plastic Free Toilet Paper

Explore how Uranus Wiper's commitment to carbon neutrality, sustainably sourced bamboo, and plastic-free packaging sets a new standard for eco-friendly toilet paper and wipes.

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Uranus Wiper Review: Carbon Neutral & Plastic Free Toilet Paper

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Green Hive is reader-supported. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. To understand our thorough approach to rating brands and products, explore our comprehensive methodology.

Our Top Picks

Green Hive is reader-supported. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. To understand our thorough approach to rating brands and products, explore our comprehensive methodology.

Key takeaways

  • Uranus Wiper prides itself on being a carbon-friendly toilet paper brand, dedicated to providing eco-conscious products that minimize environmental harm while maximizing comfort and quality.
  • The brand's bamboo toilet rolls are manufactured in a cutting-edge factory powered entirely by renewable energy sources, demonstrating their commitment to carbon neutrality and sustainability.
  • Uranus Wiper's toilet paper is made from sustainably sourced bamboo, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), ensuring that it's harvested without harming forests.


Would you like to make your bathroom more eco-friendly? Start with your toilet paper choice. Say goodbye to regular toilet paper and hello to sustainability with Uranus Wiper!

Did you know that globally, one million trees are cut down each day for traditional toilet paper production? That’s right, this seemingly small bathroom essential, used for just a few seconds, is actually a significant contributor to mass deforestation.

Fortunately, there are better alternatives emerging, such as products made from bamboo and recycled paper, which are more sustainable choices than the conventional toilet paper made from virgin wood pulp. 

That’s the case of Uranus Wiper. While other toilet roll brands are busy cutting down trees, Uranus Wiper is on a mission to offer eco-friendly alternatives that are not only good for the environment but also gentle on your skin!

Want to learn more about this sustainable brand? Dive into our Uranus Wiper review to discover why we believe they're an eco-friendly solution for your bathroom.

Uranus Wiper Overview

Uranus Wiper proudly calls itself "the planet's happiest and most carbon-friendly toilet roll brand." This sustainable toilet paper brand was born out of a desire to offer a plastic-free option that's as joyful as it is eco-friendly. The brand embodies eco-consciousness while adding a playful twist to your bathroom experience, making sustainability fun and accessible. With its distinct charisma, Uranus Wiper challenges the conventional notion of 'boring' toilet paper, looking to inject a little bit of fun into your daily bathroom visits!

While other brands chop down our most powerful allies in the fight against climate change, Uranus Wiper offers loo rolls that make a positive difference for the environment. Not only do they keep trees intact, but they also don't add more carbon emissions to our atmosphere. 

As a carbon neutral company, Uranus Wiper goes above and beyond to protect our planet. Their bamboo toilet paper isn't just sustainably sourced; it's manufactured in a cutting-edge factory powered entirely by renewable energy sources.

Striving for quality, transparency, and sustainability, Uranus Wiper is constantly improving their game. Previously, Uranus Wiper offered recycled toilet paper as part of their product range. However, Uranus' founder shared with us that they became concerned about the consistency and source of materials, which made it hard to maintain a high standard of sustainability and quality. By transitioning to bamboo, Uranus Wiper was able to address these concerns and gain better control over the supply chain, ensuring both eco-friendliness and product quality.

Where is Uranus Wiper Located?

Uranus Wiper is based in the United Kingdom.

Where is Uranus Wiper Made?

Uranus Wiper toilet paper is made in Europe, driven by a commitment to carbon efficiency. By importing bamboo pulp from sustainable farms in China and manufacturing the rolls in a factory located in Spain, they effectively reduce the need for extensive container shipments.

Put simply, if Uranus Wiper made their toilet paper directly in China, they would need five times as many containers to transport the finished rolls because they take up a lot of space. With this alternative solution, the brand significantly cuts down its carbon emissions

How Sustainable is Uranus Wiper Toilet Paper?

Let's delve into the stats: On average, a Brit uses up to 127 rolls of toilet paper annually, adding up to a staggering 10,385 rolls in their lifetime! With such frequent use, it's crucial to opt for a toilet paper brand that's lighter on the environment. 

In our quest for sustainable toilet paper brands, we stumbled upon Uranus Wiper. Below, we'll highlight what impressed us about this plastic-free toilet brand and how they're minimizing their environmental footprint to offer you the most eco-friendly bamboo toilet paper in the UK:

Climate Friendly Production 

Uranus Wiper's commitment to sustainability shines through its impressive carbon neutral production process. Their bamboo toilet rolls are manufactured in a Europe-based factory powered entirely by renewable energy sources. By harnessing the power of renewable energy, Uranus Wiper manufactures its bamboo toilet rolls without contributing to climate change!

They utilize biomass energy, which involves converting forest waste into steam, a byproduct of their production. Instead of releasing this steam into the atmosphere, Uranus Wiper cleverly employs it to efficiently dry their newly made toilet paper, minimizing waste and maximizing energy efficiency. Additionally, their manufacturing facility is equipped with solar panels, capturing the power of the sun to further reduce their environmental impact.

And if that’s not enough, their manufacturing process is ISO 14067 certified. This certification ensures that their carbon footprint is rigorously measured and reported, in line with international standards.

Made from Sustainably Sourced Bamboo

Conventional toilet paper brands often claim that for every tree cut down, another is replanted. However, the reality is more complicated. Forests take decades, if not centuries, to regenerate.  While replanting trees is an important step, it doesn't address the immediate loss of habitat, soil erosion, and disruption to local ecosystems caused by deforestation. Additionally, monoculture plantations may not replicate the complex ecosystems found in natural forests.

When it comes to bamboo products, it's essential to ensure sustainable sourcing practices. Unfortunately, the demand for bamboo products has led to deforestation in some regions where forests are cleared to make way for bamboo plantations. This is where certifications like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) come into play.

What's great about Uranus Wiper is that it's FSC certified. This certification ensures that the bamboo used in Uranus Wiper toilet paper is harvested sustainably, without harming forests. And just so you know, their bamboo farms and loo rolls are panda-approved, meaning they don't mess with panda's lunchtime!

Water Conservation

Uranus Wiper’s efforts to preserve water is another feature we love. 

The brand has incorporated cutting-edge water treatment technology into their factory. Their treatment plant meticulously purifies every drop of water, guaranteeing it's safe and pure before being released back into the river. But that’s not all, the waste generated from purifying the water is cleverly used to generate additional electricity, making their toilet paper production process even more sustainable!

Plastic Free Packaging

Ready to say goodbye to traditional toilet paper filled with single-use plastic?

At Uranus Wiper, sustainability and hygiene are top priorities. Unlike traditional toilet paper brands, they've ditched plastic packaging for a greener and more enjoyable option. Each Uranus Wiper loo roll is individually wrapped to ensure hygiene, but here's the twist – the packaging is both compostable and entirely plastic-free. They've even gone the extra mile by using zero-waste, plant-based glue made from pine wood resins.

Don’t want to compost their packaging? No worries, their wrappers are perfect for fun paper projects like origami!

Carbon Neutral Delivery

At Uranus Wiper, sustainability extends to every aspect of the customer experience, including delivery. Thanks to partnerships with initiatives like Shopify Planet, Uranus Wiper ensures that for every delivery made, an equivalent amount of carbon is removed from the Earth's atmosphere through carbon removal projects.

Uranus Wiper partners with innovative companies dedicated to carbon removal, much like Heirloom, Remora, and Charm. These companies employ various methods to capture and store carbon emissions, from leveraging natural materials like limestone and plant waste to developing advanced technologies like carbon-filtering devices for trucks

Giving Back

At Green Hive, we appreciate companies that prioritize social impact. Uranus Wiper is one such brand, actively supporting The Anal Cancer Foundation to combat the stigma surrounding anal cancer and related conditions like hemorrhoids. By donating one percent of its profits to The Anal Cancer Foundation, Uranus Wiper contributes to raising awareness and providing essential resources for patients and caregivers. Hemorrhoids and similar bowel-related conditions can be uncomfortable to discuss, but Uranus Wiper is dedicated to breaking the silence and fostering open conversations about these important health issues.

Uranus Wiper Bamboo Toilet Paper Review

Guided by the motto 'Softer than a unicorn's snuggle session,' Uranus Wiper promises to bring a touch of magic to your bathroom experience. With a commitment to sustainability and quality, Uranus Wiper seeks to bring eco-friendly comfort to every home:

Uranus Wiper's bamboo toilet paper

Uranus Wiper's bamboo toilet paper offers a combination of comfort and convenience with its 360 sheets per roll, providing ample supply and reducing the need for frequent replacements. Its remarkable absorbency and strength ensure reliable performance without any unwelcome surprises, while the unparalleled softness of its dust free bamboo fibres ensures a delicate and soothing experience for the most sensitive areas of your body. This hypoallergenic toilet paper is  specially crafted to provide a pampering and irritation-free experience, making it a perfect alternative for individuals with sensitive skin. 

One standout feature of Uranus Wiper toilet paper is its absence of inks, dyes, bleach, fragrances, and BPA, providing not only a safer alternative for your health but also a better option for the environment. Moreover, you can rest assured knowing that it flushes smoothly, sparing you the stress of dealing with clogged pipes!

Uranus Wiper Medicated Wipes

Uranus Wiper's biodegradable flushable wipes offer a gentle and eco-friendly solution for individuals dealing with hemorrhoids and other related discomforts. Infused with natural botanical ingredients like witch hazel, these wipes aim to reduce itchiness and irritation, providing much-needed relief. Each wipe is pre-moistened with a gentle combination of emollient, hydrating, and cooling botanical extracts, ensuring a soothing cleanse without disrupting beneficial skin flora.

Plus, they come in a convenient resealable package, allowing for easy use throughout the day while keeping the wipes moist and ready for whenever you need them!


Who Should Use Uranus Wiper Medicated Wipes?

Uranus Wiper Medicated Wipes are perfect for those with piles, itchy butt, IBS, fistula, or anal fissure. These wipes soothe and heal, calming itching, burning, and flare-ups while maintaining pH balance in sensitive areas.

Is Uranus Wiper Bamboo Toilet Paper Okay to Flush?

Yes, Uranus Wiper Bamboo Toilet Paper is safe to flush. Made from bamboo, it won't block drains and is compatible with all sewage and drainage systems. Being biodegradable, it dissolves quickly after flushing, ensuring peace of mind without worrying about clogging your pipes.

Will Uranus Wiper Bamboo Toilet Paper Clog Pipes?

No, Uranus Wiper Bamboo Toilet Paper won't clog pipes. Its bamboo fibers biodegrade after flushing, leaving pipes unclogged and septic tanks clear. While there's no guarantee against blockages, it's less likely to cause issues compared to traditional toilet paper.

Is Uranus Wiper Bamboo Toilet Paper Septic Safe?

Yes, Uranus Wiper Bamboo Toilet Paper is septic safe. Its bamboo fibers biodegrade rapidly, preventing septic clogs and reducing strain on your septic system. You can flush with confidence, knowing that Uranus Wiper offers a septic-friendly option for your plumbing needs.

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Better than Regular Toilet Paper?

Yes, Bamboo Toilet Paper is better than regular toilet paper. It's 100% biodegradable, decomposing faster than traditional varieties. Unlike regular paper, it's free from harsh chemicals like bleach, making it gentler on the skin and more environmentally friendly. 

Final Thoughts

In the past, choices for toilet paper were limited to big brands using virgin wood pulp. However, today, there are more sustainable alternatives available. One exciting find we've come across is Uranus Wiper, which takes the lead with its eco-conscious approach, marking a significant departure from typical toilet paper options.

From its carbon-neutral production process to its plastic-free packaging, every aspect of the brand reflects its dedication to environmental responsibility. Their commitment to providing the most eco-friendly bamboo toilet paper in the UK is truly commendable, allowing consumers to wave goodbye to traditional options and embrace a more sustainable choice!


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