Cristina Solis

Environmental Engineer

Committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals while catalyzing a transition toward a more sustainable world!


Cristina Solis

Exploring the wonders of nature, taking care of animals, and finding innovative solutions for a sustainable future are some of my passions. I enjoy educating people through the power of words and helping businesses make a positive impact on our planet. As a dedicated sustainability consultant and environmental specialist, I believe that individuals, experts, businesses, and governments can join forces to create a better world. A world where sustainability, an enriched quality of life, economic prosperity, diversity, inclusivity, mental health, and gender equality are core values. At Green Hive, I'm dedicated to providing users with accurate, fact-supported, and well-researched content while gathering the best sustainable brands on the market to help you make well-informed decisions.

Past experience

Empowering your sustainable choices through my expertise and knowledge. With a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering, I have a deep understanding of environmental sciences, human rights, sustainable development, waste management, circular economy, and climate change. As a sustainability expert, I have created educational content, promoted eco-conscious actions, and guided businesses toward sustainable practices. My commitment extends to rigorously evaluating sustainable brands, ensuring reliable information, and fostering a greener world. With a keen understanding of the synergy between sustainability and progress, I will be your ally in making confident decisions for a brighter, eco-friendly tomorrow!