Why organic tampons are worth the investment: 6 best organic tampon brands

Organic tampons are a great way to protect your body and the environment. By choosing organic cotton, you’re avoiding the use of pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals.

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Why organic tampons are worth the investment: 6 best organic tampon brands

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Green Hive is reader-supported. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. To understand our thorough approach to rating brands and products, explore our comprehensive methodology.

Our Top Picks

Green Hive is reader-supported. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. To understand our thorough approach to rating brands and products, explore our comprehensive methodology.

For many women, using period products is a part of their daily life. However, the environmental impact of these products is often overlooked. Period products can contain a variety of harmful chemicals and toxins, which can affect both the environment and human health. For example:

Period pads and regular tampons are made mostly out of plastic which takes hundreds of years before it begins breaking down - compare that with the six month time span required by cotton tampons. Not to mention, once disposable pads break down they release microplastics and other chemicals into the environment which can be harmful to marine life, animals, and humans. Switching to organic menstrual products like organic tampons can have a significant impact in reducing your carbon footprint and helping to protect the environment.

Choosing organic period products is one way to help reduce this environmental impact. Organic products are made without the use of harmful chemicals and toxins, and they are also biodegradable, so they will not contribute to landfill waste. In addition, organic period products packaging is often made with recycled materials, further reducing their environmental impact. By making the switch to organic period products, women can help protect both the environment and their own health. There are a variety of different types of eco friendly period products available like organic tampons, organic pads, period underwear, menstrual discs, menstrual cups etc on the market, so there is sure to be one that suits your needs. Make the switch today and start making a difference for the environment!

A more environmentally friendly option than synthetic tampons are organic cotton tampons. An organic tampon is made with 100% certified organic cotton and is safe for use during periods. More and more companies are now switching to sustainable organic tampons and period care. Thanks to reusable tampons, you can have a more environmentally friendly period that's also safer for you!

In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the benefits of using organic tampons and sustainable brands that offer eco-friendly period care.

What are organic tampons made of?

Organic tampons are a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to regular tampons. They typically come in 100% organic cotton tampons, so you know they're free from harmful chemicals like pesticides or dyes that could irritate your skin. Moreover, these products have been OEKO TEX certified and are free from chlorine bleaching. They come with different absorbency options and you can also use them without having any problems with odor buildup thanks to their durable material construction! This makes organic tampons safer to use than synthetic tampons and helps reduce the harmful impact of single use tampons.

What is a reusable tampon applicator

Tampon applicators offer a number of benefits for those who are just starting out with tampons. They are small tubes with one end cut off, which makes pushing the tampon inside the vagina simple and easy. Tubes like these come in different lengths to help make the process easier and comfortable.

Benefits of using certified organic cotton tampons

Organic tampons provide an eco-friendly alternative to non organic tampons. With their certification by OEKO-TEX, these products use organic cotton and do not contain any chemicals like dioxin or glyphosate which can be present in regular tampons according to FDA, which regulates their manufacturing processes. These ingredients have been known to cause harm in high amounts, but certified organic cotton tampons won’t contain any. Although not widely available, organic tampons come with a reusable tampon applicator that can be used to help insert the tampons. Here are some benefits of using organic tampons:

1) Better for the Environment

Most tampons and pads are made out of cotton that has been sprayed with harmful chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals can get into your body when the cotton touches such a delicate area of your body, and they can also pollute waterways and damage soil life. However, organic cotton is produced without the use of these dangerous chemicals. This means that it's safer for your body and the environment. In addition, organic cotton requires less water to grow than regular crops, so it's a more efficient use of resources.

When you switch to organic tampons and pads, you're not only doing something good for yourself, but you're also helping to protect the planet.

2) Free of Endocrine-Disrupting Elements

Tampons are an essential part of many women's lives, but they often come with a host of toxic chemicals. Endocrine disruptors like dioxin are found in conventional tampons, and they have been linked to hormonal issues, fertility problems, and even cancer. However, organic tampons are made without these toxic chemicals. Instead, they use natural ingredients that are gentle on the body. In addition, organic tampons are often more absorbent than their conventional counterparts, providing better protection against leaks.

3) Biodegradable

Organic tampons are made with pure cotton, making them fully biodegradable. Plant based applicators are also sustainable and help reduce the risk of plastic waste. This way, by using organic tampons, you're not only protecting your body but also the environment. According to a study done by the University of Exeter, it is estimated that each person who menstruates will use 11,000 disposable menstrual products in their lifetime, with the majority of these being tampons and pads. While most people don't think about it, these products end up in landfills where they can take hundreds of years to decompose. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it's also bad for our wallets. The average person spends about $1,000 on menstrual products in their lifetime. By switching to organic tampons, we can save money and reduce our environmental footprint.

How often do organic tampons need changing

Organic tampons can be worn for four to six hours when needed and then need changing. This depends on how heavy your period flow is, but generally speaking they should be changed every six hours! However, tampons are not recommended for overnight use and might cause toxic shock syndrome if used for longer than a recommended period of time. If you are looking for a more natural option for your menstrual needs, organic tampons are definitely worth trying out but make sure to avoid using them for longer than four hours.

Can organic tampons protect from toxic shock syndrome

Tampons are often linked to toxic shock syndrome (TTS), a life-threatening condition that is caused by bacteria that releases toxic chemicals in the body. TTS can affect anyone, but it is most common in women of childbearing age. Unfortunately, organic tampons offer no protection from TTS no matter what tampon brands may claim. TTS is caused by bacteria and the risk increases by wearing any tampons for more than the recommended time. The best way to prevent TTS is to use the lowest absorbency tampon necessary and to change it every four to six hours. If you experience any symptoms of TTS, such as fever, rash, or vomiting, remove the tampon immediately and seek medical attention. With prompt treatment, TTS is usually curable. However, if left untreated, it can be fatal.

The Best Organic Tampons in the market

In recent years, there has been a growing focus on sustainability in the period care industry. Brands are now offering sustainable options for tampons and pads, made from environmentally friendly materials and packaged using renewable resources. These products are gynecologist tested and designed to prevent leaks. Some brands even offer organic tampons with a bpa free plastic applicator or plant based applicator. As more and more consumers become aware of the impact of their period care choices on the environment, these sustainable options are likely to become increasingly popular. Let's take a look at some of the best organic tampons in the market: 

Daye Organic Tampons

Introducing Daye Organic Tampons – the perfect solution for a comfortable, leak-free period. These tampons are made with fully-sustainable and 100% organic fibers, ensuring that your health and the environment are both protected.

Price Range: £6.30 - £7.05

With a no-shed protective sleeve and the option of a CBD coating, Daye tampons provide optimal comfort even on those tough period days. You can say goodbye to plastic applicators, as Daye tampons come in renewable sugarcane applicators that are fully biodegradable.

To top it off, Daye tampons are packaged in the world's only flushable wrappers, making them easy to dispose of and convenient to use. Additionally, Daye tampons prevent vaginal fibre shedding, and are sanitized to remove the pathogens that cause TSS and infections, ensuring your health and safety during your period.

Choose Daye Organic Tampons for a comfortable, sustainable, and healthy period experience.

The Comfort Fit Tampon| Cora

Cora is a strong advocate of women's health and provides organic tampons and other period and body care products to help promote feminine hygiene and sustainability. With every purchase, they provide sustainable access of feminine hygiene products and education resources for those going without or experiencing difficulty finding it elsewhere in the market due their location like in rural areas.

The Comfort Fit Tampons are made out of organic cotton and come in various absorbency levels to suit your flow. They're free from pesticides, dioxins/Chlorine fragrances or chlorine bleach which makes them perfect for sensitive skin! Cora organic cotton tampons also feature an extra layer (the security veil) made of Polyethylene, polyester, fiber to protect you against leaks. Not only that, but they come with a compact tampon applicator to help make insertion easier. They have applicator free tampons available as well that are equally as safe and effective!

Organic Tampons | Natracare

One most popular brands is Natracare which provides period products that are plastic free, made with natural materials, vegan, chlorine free and provide effective protection. Natracare organic tampons are made from responsibly sourced 100% organic cotton, are cruelty free with no plastic, rayon or dyes, and are free of fiber loss, so small fibers don't shred into the vagina. Not only that, but natracare tampons come with an eco-friendly cardboard applicator to make your period fully sustainable and healthy. You can choose a natural cotton tampon with or without an applicator, and with different absorbency options to suit your flow!

Organic Cotton Tampons With Comfort Applicator | Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation offers organic cotton tampons, chlorine-free processed pads and pantiliners. They are designed to be extra absorbent with no added fragrances or deodorants which makes them perfect for people who need leak protection but don't want any smells traveling through their clothing while they're on the go.

Seventh generation organic tampons offer extra protection that makes them leak free, and are insanely absorbent and comfortable. The material is 100% certified organic and free of toxic chemicals to give you a healthy and safe period care.

Organ(y)c Cotton Tampons | Organyc

Organyc offers sustainable period and intimate care made with 100% natural materials to help protect the body and the environment. Their products are free of dyes, chlorine bleach, bpa free and are fully biodegradable.

Those who want to avoid any contact with synthetic materials and have sensitive skin will find Organyc's cotton tampon ideal. The fully absorbent core made from 100% organic cotton is highly absorbent and can handle a heavy flow! They are breathable and hypoallergenic as well! It also comes with an innovative compact applicator that is biobased unlike mainstream tampon brands and offers painless insertion!

Blume Organic Tampons

Blume tampons are a newer, but impressive option for women who want an absorbent and environmentally friendly product. Their packaging is 100% recyclable as well which makes them stand out from other brands on the market today! Their applicators feature a round tip for easier insertion, and are made with bio-plastic.


Organic tampons are a great way to protect your body and the environment. By choosing organic cotton, you’re avoiding the use of pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals. Not only are these products better for your health, but they also reduce our reliance on synthetic materials that can damage the planet. So next time you need tampons, be sure to shop responsibly and look for organic tampons, and feel good about protecting yourself and the earth.

It can be tough to find eco-friendly brands that you can trust. Not all eco-friendly brands are made equal. It's difficult to distinguish between those who are actually helping the environment and others who are simply greenwashing. We're here to help you out. We now propose the most environmentally friendly brands at Green Hive. Companies dedicated to having a beneficial impact on the environment abound on our list. We want to live in a world where sustainability is the norm, and we're working hard to make that happen.


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