Valentino Chiavarini

Founder CEO at Green Hive

Passionate about sustainability and innovation, I founded Green Hive to connect people with eco-conscious brands. Join our green journey!


Valentino Chiavarini

Driven by the philosophy that "excellence is not a single act, but a habit," I've dedicate myself to enacting positive change and consistently striving for excellence. My passion lies at the intersection of sustainability, technology, startup culture, and digital transformation. As a natural "solution finder" in a world filled with "problem solvers," I thrive in fast-paced, multicultural environments. My diverse experiences span across sectors like Retail, E-commerce, Manufacturing, and Advertising, where I've actively championed process improvements and innovative project launches. With Green Hive, my latest venture, I aim to empower individuals to make sustainable choices, bridging the gap between consumers and the world's most progressive, purpose-driven companies.

Past experience

With a rich background in entrepreneurship, I've always been drawn to the dynamic world of startups. My journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of growth, leveraging cutting-edge marketing strategies, and diving deep into the nuances of SEO to drive business success. Sustainability remains at the core of my endeavors, intertwining with my professional expertise to create impactful solutions. Whether it's launching a new venture, optimizing digital footprints, or championing green initiatives, my experiences have shaped a holistic understanding of the business landscape, always with an eye on the future and the footprint we leave behind.